I Wonder About Everything

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I wonder at so many things and happenings that we see around yet can’t understand in their whole. And I also wonder at those things around us that can not be seen yet can be felt and realized. Again I wonder, even get astonished to learn that many things and ways that first I believed to have known were not known or were different from what I felt they were like.

First of all, I begin to wonder about this universe and its parts. I wonder how immense it is. And following this, I wonder as whatever so far included in the universe are all that it contains? Or are there some left out that to be included? 

Again my mind stretches its neck to doubt whether some are left, or some have been included? No end of the doubt when I say who is there to decide the answers to my doubts? However, I wonder always there are many with their answers despite their inauthenticity!

Ummm, Is there anything that is not wondrous? 

Once, two friends, one from remote countryside, visited his friend in the town. They went to a restaurant where apart from other things, the snack contained some Jalebi, a kind of Indian-origin sweet made in circular tangled shaped, deep-fried and submerged in sugar syrup. A little syrup flowed out when the village fellow broke a piece of the Jalebi that he had never happened to him before. It amazed him. He observed the Jalebi all around. Seeing no hole or an inlet, he cried out in amazement as to how the syrupy should have been put inside the Jalebi when it had no openings in it. 

Instead of explaining the process, the friend said, “Eh, what do you think? Look at the amazement of the human brain! They can run vehicles and fly planes! You think the syrup inside the Jalebi is a wonder ?” 

The countryman promptly replied, “They run the vehicle because they made wheels, they fly planes because they made wings but how do they inject the syrup inside the ring-like bread without any hole ?”

So it pertains to mean that wonders lie not in things or states that are known but in ignorance. Whatever surprises, they remain wonder until we don’t know the how, where, etc. of them. And the moment the mystery or the unknownness of them is exposed, they lose their wondrousness and become familiar.

Also, there are always some ‘Mr. Know All’ with ready-made explanations about almost anything happening around. However, most of the world is stunned about its unintelligibility, despite their manifest falsification. They claim with systematic stories about who built the universe, in what ways in how many days, etc., etc. 

The story proves false at several tokens and they appear flustered, yet they never take time to recover and promptly fabricate further explanations or twists to justify their claims. I find this human trait most wonderful of all. For example, a few years ago, it was asserted that the earth was stationary and the sun moved. The belief was so strong that some who claimed the other way round were punished even the death penalty. In the same way, sage Brihaspati, popularly known as Charwaka, was killed for his claim that there was no heaven or hell. He believed whatever was, was this earth.

Still, people instill this faith in people’s minds and make them seek access to heaven and avoid hell after their death through several ritualistic performances. I wonder at the deliberate make-believe and made-believed playfulness of men.  

I wonder even about myself. Several things always set me wondering whenever I begin pondering. About me, there are several things in common as a living organism and several differences as well. For example, I have a body like a dog, cat, or tree but much different from theirs. They are quadruped, whereas I am biped. The tree even is legless. I wonder how it was made or formulated, or created. Let it be accepted that the protein etc. developed the body. Who and how might have put the spiritually conscious being inside the material body that acts as the master of my body and becomes the ‘I’? And more wonderfully, that is neither manifested nor is ever traced whatever subtle surgical examination be carried. 

Besides, the human being is similar to any other organisms yet different as well. It so seems that the similarities and dissimilarities are very carefully arranged in the right proportion so they can form relationships while remaining distinct from one another.

I wonder where did this body come from? Is it from the protein etc., that I absorbed as food while in the womb? Of course, but still, I wonder how the protein, etc., should take the shape of different body parts as deliberately and systematically made as though by an expert architect and a carpenter. How the shape and size of the eyes, nose, ears, limbs are defined? How is each of the creatures with the complicated inner organs created? Even the nails on the tip of the finger have been set so finely and the way they can grow and break on their own at times. What tape should have been measured so accurately with and placed each one in the appropriate position? 

In some cases, though very rare, it is found that mistakes are made and several anomalies or malformations appear. That people interpret in their own way associating with Karma during a previous life.

This is again another wonder as do we have any previous life? Do the organisms have previous or next life? If yes, how is it known? Is anyone continuing the past life with the present one so he can describe the past life? But none is known so far of this sort. 

Hence another wonder!

Again there is wonder regarding the way people have their lives. Some are well off and happy, while others are poor and miserable. Why? Who makes one rich and one poor? One may say ‘their Karma.’ But Karma too may not answer it because there may be poor despite doing well while rich, despite doing bad. How is the standard of life of each one set or arranged the way each is? Still, the rich ones are not all contented and happy despite their material affluence, whereas many of the poor ones might be happy and cheerful despite their material deficiency. Why?

Is there any end to such questions and a state of no wonders? I don’t think so. If any other ideas could invoke, I would immensely enjoy them.

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