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Dear Writers and Emerging Talents with ShiningPens, Please review the following jotted ideas but not be limited to, for some of the fundamental essences of creative writing.

  1. The rule of thumb for writers is to read at least two articles or blogs by other writers on the day before you sit to write yours.
  2. Disorientations in formulating a logical and organized message and arguments between the lines and paragraphs might cause the readers to get lost amidst the cloud of nowhere.
  3. Doing research on the subject matter, keeping knowledge, staying learned and informed, reading others are some of the worth-building habits of a good writer but creating your own innovative piece is the goal.
  4. Watch out! Deduce repeating the same words every now and then but use synonymous words and phrases instead.
  5. Be careful! Are you loading your paper or the screen with a load of heavy jargons that might risk your readers being tired of looking at the dictionary before they enjoy your writing?
  6. Use simple and effective words that inclusively serve everyday readers in general.
  7. Always stay aware of not being lost in the jungle of words and not being able to figure out the safe way home.
  8. Make a mental draft with clear thoughts of the contents that you are writing about today.
  9. Plan how you open, how you fill in stuffy in the middle and how you conclude.
  10. Do not rush and make haste. Taking a week to write one better is always better in a creative world than hastening to make one in an hour that you regret long for.
  11. Try not to submit the first draft already. Write, pause, grab a coffee, go for a road trip and come back, read, rewrite, edit, add, delete, re-edit and finish.
  12. Show it to a friend, teacher, or seniors in the family who you think can assist you in making it better.
  13. Use Grammarly Extension to avoid possible lapses in grammar and spelling.


Have questions? Feel free to ask.