Musics Are Not the Simple Tunes But the Healer of the Messed up Hearts

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Today, as I venture out for a walk, an old tune gets into my ears. Its verses in a flash set up a proclivity between my heart and cerebrum, unwinding every single word as obviously as achievable. 

How well-suited the verses are! For life is, without a doubt, a bargain arrangement of trade. Numerous times, you have to give up on something; it could be in any event, realizing that you are at misfortune cause what you’re receiving consequently is more important to you even though for a twink. 

While I glance around to follow the wellspring of the music, I find that a ‘Chaiwala’ from my left side is occupied in his little tea-slow down, serving individuals tea while paying attention to the melody simultaneously. I continue towards the tea slow down, when the purchasers are decreasing what’s more sit on the seat, not to have tea but to pay attention to the melody. I notice a secretive grin spreads all over as he gives me a little cup of tea, which can explain why I would not have the tea in any event when I scarcely drink it. I feel a little jealous of his grin as it appears to be he’s the most of the most joyful man in the universe. 

As 8 o’clock rolls in, he stops the radio; what’s more, abrupt fretfulness replaces his grin. He nearly grabs away my half-tanked cup of tea furthermore closes his slow down. I stand there for some time, incapable of sorting out anything whenever a mid-matured man stops adjacent to me. I enquire him about the Chaiwala and get a shudder to realize that his significant other has been in a trance state for the most recent two years. He regularly stays in the clinic for long twelve hours. In spite of the fact that the specialist says that she will not recuperate, he has a heart still brimming with trust. I hear somebody delicately singing the following lines in my ears. 

A few tunes aren’t simple melodies; they’re the representations to an author, they’re the healer to a messed up heart, they’re the outline of life.

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Rita Magar
Rita Magar
2 years ago

Yes, you are so true.

Rahul Sapkota
Rahul Sapkota
2 years ago

impressive thoughts gal