I Don’t Cheat My Husband and Want the Same From Him

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One contestant made me think a lot while watching Roadies Season-4 of Nepal.
It’s a reality show, but I am not fond of watching it. My cousin was watching it, so I accompanied him in watching the whole episode that day.

One of the male contestants was in extramarital affairs to help others desire and earn money. One of the judges scolded him a lot. After this part of the story, I remembered a guy on my friend list.

A few years ago, I received a call, and I immediately realized it was a bluff call. A male voice asked me, “Are you, Sophia?” I answered, “No.”

“Where are you from ?” He asked me farther. I said, “I am from Pokhara City, Nepal.”

“How did you get my phone number ?” I asked him in wonder.
“I called you by mistakenly dialing a wrong number,” he replied.
He apologized, and before I disconnected the call having not much talk with the stranger caller.

After a few weeks passed, he texted me on Viber, saying, “Can we be friends?”
“I have many friends, so I am not interested in adding another friend” my answer was fast and maybe furious too. He continued texting me. I told him that I was a married lady having a kid.

“Do you still want to be my friend?” My question to him.
“Can’t a married lady having children be friends? I don’t care about these things with my friends”, he answered back very positively.

After that chat exchange, I decided to make a normal friendship with him. He continued texting, and I kept on answering. Now, we have become friends sharing family stuff, friends stuff, habits, etc. I was a bot habitual of his calls and texts. Our conversation started from good morning to good night.

Upon sharing things, he told me that he used to have sexual relationships with women one day. He got a number from his friend to call a girl, but dialed the wrong number and got me. I was the wrong-number girl for him. He said he was helping them for the sake of their need and satisfaction.

I felt so angry with the whole friendship with that guy because he was having sex with random married women, and he was a bachelor. I am not a very conservative lady, but I wouldn’t say I like any anti-social relationships between men and women.

How could a woman cheat her partner or husband by sleeping with other men? He said it’s only for their satisfaction. As I know, he doesn’t take money or other things in return for quenching their sex thirst. Because they call him, he goes to their beds to fulfill them. At least, this is what he said.

I was in a dilemma. I didn’t react so hard as a friend, but I felt terrible hearing it. I told him that it was his life.

Whatever you want to do, do it, but please don’t tell me these disgusting things. I’m not too fond of it. A woman living at her husband’s house and raising children with his money shouldn’t do this! She was cheating on her husband. She has to be faithful, honest, and wait for her husband to come to enjoy the bed-life together.

“Is their husband faithful to them? A man doesn’t care anything if he gets a chance to sleep with a woman. If a man enjoys being away from his wife, it’s not a sin if his wife fulfills her desire with another man. Every person has their own life. No one needs to hide their feelings.” He gave a good deal of a lecture in defense of what he was doing.

“I am not saying it’s wrong or right, but why should you go with them? Can’t you get married or have a girlfriend?” I asked him a bit harshly.

“I want to make my future secure and then get married. Once I get married to a girl, I will be faithful to her,” he replied.

It was his opinion, and I have nothing to do with it. He was from the eastern part of the country. We were only long-distance friends. He was loyal and faithful towards me is enough for me. I didn’t care at all. But many people around us are on the same board.

Another friend of mine was also on the same kind of affair. She was almost there to commit suicide for a man while her husband was there alive. I became mad at her a lot for what she was doing. Now, she is out of it and living her life happily. As we see, husbands go to a foreign country to win bread for their family and send money back home, and their wives make a boyfriend for their bodily satisfaction. Even in foreign lands, a man makes extramarital affairs and forgets his wife and family. Wives work hard, do chores and take care of the family, but the husbands blame and disrespect them.

In our country, many families have been destroyed due to foreign employment. Women run away with another man, leaving children and ruining their husbands’ property. Men also did the same. They get married to other girls in foreign countries and even their homeland.

Dear people, if you can’t stay loyal and honest, please be separated and live a free life. It will be good for both of you and you people can live your life peacefully. Who knows when you will leave this world? Only having physical relationships doesn’t make any sense. Where’s love and care? Isn’t it necessary for our mental health?

Many people ruined their lives with their own hands and became depressed. Parents choose their own life and happiness, but children face all the problems alone. What will be their future? We are producing mentally unhealthy children for our Nation. Sexual relationship is not essential for me because I want to live honestly. I will never cheat on my husband and expect the same from him. But I’m not sure if he is loyal to me or not.

Dear friend Monka(I call him Monka), you are always my friend forever whether we will meet or not. The best part of you is you always respected me and my feelings. I lied to you, telling my husband is with me because I doubted you or never wanted you to leave my connection. Please forgive me for having blocked you several times from social media. You always contacted me afterward. You secretly went abroad and still found me to stay connected. I felt so glad. Whatever you do in your life, I never care about it, or I don’t have any negative feelings for you even if I care. It’s your life to do good, be good. You never crossed your limitations with me. I felt so free and happy to share my stuff with you. Lately, you seem too busy, and I don’t want you to be disturbed. I always prayed for good for you and hoped for good.

By the way, I am a happy person. I don’t have any expectations from others for my personal interest. We should have control powers in ourselves to control our mind and soul. Then it will be easy to stay in our position and feelings. There are many things to do in our life. We should decide what to prioritize for a healthy life.

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