What Happens If We Breath Pure Oxygen?

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Do you have any idea to answer this question? This is the question that made me more curious one time. I was wondering what if we breathe pure oxygen. Here, I find the answer. I want to share my learning with the world to satisfy myself.
Then, what if we breathe pure oxygen? Let’s go through the answer.

Our bodies make the energy we need to run around, play, and do schoolwork by burning the meals we eat. We can liken it to a sort of candle burning. To burn our food, we need oxygen, which we get from respiration. And the oxygen is everywhere in the air around us.

Oxygen isn’t solely gasoline in the air. In fact, the air is commonly made up of nitrogen. This gas on air has an essential job. Nitrogen slows down the burning system, so you get adequate strength throughout the day, bit by means of bit.

If you breathed pure oxygen, the energy from your meals would all generate at once. So forget about candles. It s is a different sort of firework exploding. Bang!

If you breathed pure oxygen, you wouldn’t honestly explode. But you would harm your body.

Breathing pure oxygen units off a sequence of runaway chemical reactions. That’s when a number of that oxygen turns into its dangerous, unstable cousin observed as a ‘radical.’ Oxygen radicals damage the fats, protein, and DNA in your body. They damage your eyes, so you can’t see properly, and your lungs, so you can’t breathe normally.

So respiratory pure oxygen is pretty dangerous. But pure respiratory oxygen can once in a while be necessary. Astronauts and deep-sea scuba divers breathe pure oxygen from time to time because they explore hazardous places. The length of time they breathe pure oxygen, and how an awful lot they breathe, is cautiously managed, so they’re now not harmed.

Sick people, which include untimely toddlers in a health facility or humans in health centers with the coronavirus, would possibly and additionally want some more significant assistance breathing. They might receive a bit of higher oxygen on a pinnacle of what’s in the air. It acts as a medication to help calm and settle their breathing.

Again, tons of oxygen can be dangerous. That’s why doctors and nurses hold a shut-eye to make sure positive human beings get simply the proper quantity they need.

So we want oxygen to assist us in getting strength from our food. We could need a little greater amount of it if we’re unwell in a hospital or an astronaut or deep-sea diver. But a whole lot of oxygen can damage us.

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