Foreign Employment and Broken Families in Nepal

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Before the Constitution of Nepal 2007 A.D. (2063 B.S.), people did not go to foreign employment as they are going now. Yes, Nepalese people had also been there before, but now it’s different. Nowadays, many people are searching for a promising future in other countries.

As a young lady, I used to think that people were going to earn money in America, England, Hongkong, Japan, European countries, etc. because they are wealthy countries. But now I have come to know that it is not as easy as we think anywhere in the world.

People who are good at learning and school things went securing student visas. Some got chances for working visas. But what about others? I mean those who can spend money but don’t get a student visa and working visa.

Many brothers and sisters are in the gulf and Arabic countries. What about people like me who are average in studies and don’t want to leave the country for employment? Not learning anything technical and not having skills always remain unemployed. We don’t have any investment for our particular business and families also don’t support us. They believe that going to foreign lands to earn money is way better than doing business or some sort of self-employment in Nepal.

There are so many wild mushrooming human resources companies to send people to foreign countries to earn money. Not only companies but many agents without having their legal office are also involved in the business of human trafficking. Before, agents have trafficked only Nepali girls, promising them jobs or marriage in India. Maiti Nepal is there to protect girls from ruining their lives on the border of Nepal and India. But what about other women? Uneducated or illiterate women who want to earn money and look after their children also want to choose foreign employment these days.

They are suffering from their own lives and want to escape their situation. Due to the family background or responsibilities, they don’t want any torture of the family members in the married home. They want to get rid of helpless married women out of their own homes. So they decide to go to foreign employment in the job of housemaid or cleaner even with the help of fake citizenship, passport, etc.

Agents show them good dreams of advanced country and good jobs, but they end up somewhere else. It’s also human trafficking! Not only women but men are also exploited in this regard.

It’s so easy to watch others’ situations and listen to them, but we feel so bad in reality. Many people are illegally going to other countries for employment and losing their lives. We can take the example of the American and European countries where people want to enter without legal paperwork and travel documents and even suffer death. Agents are bringing people to the USA via different countries illegally. Many people lose their lives unconditionally, reaching a certain point. Human trafficking agents are smart enough to show dreams and trick them into paying ransom money illegally for their service.

Nepali people spend a lot of their money to go to developed countries, but they never see any worth of trying to do anything in their own country with that massive cash. They don’t believe in the condition of our political system. They preferred to take risks for moving foreign countries rather than to stay.

How are they living their lives those who don’t want to go aboard? The political situation has improved a bit, but the economic crisis has ruined lives day by day. So youths are more focused on foreign employment rather than staying in Nepal.

Yes, we are proud of our country having the world’s roof Mt.Everest. We are the second wealthiest people in the world, having water resources. And we are pleased to be compared as “Nepal is like Switzerland.”

We never get tired of parroting, ‘Buddha was born in Nepal,’ but we are not devoted to him. How many people are following Buddhism? Isn’t it our responsibility to promote our religion worldwide as other people of different countries are doing as real devotees? We have many types of medicinal herbs in our mountains and hills. Yarchagumba, white sugar, and many other herbs are precious. We have many other ideas or sources from which we can earn money for a living.

Yes, the highest 14 peaks are in the world, and we are blessed to have eight mountains out of them in our land. Many of us had never been there! We, Nepali people, haven’t even seen Mount Everest from our naked eyes. Isn’t it a shame for us? We only expect and encourage foreigners to climb Mt.Everest. Why don’t we make it easy or possible for Nepali too?

I agree that we have many hilly and mountainous areas, so we don’t have transportation facilities. Many people in our country have visited countries similar to our geographical build-up but are far developed. What did they learn from it? Visiting abroad and comparing our country doesn’t make any sense. If you compare, try bringing some differences and developing our country by learning from them.

Now, I agree that we have leaders in our country without any vision. They are ruining our country, and they only think of themselves. I don’t know whether they know or not that we humans are temporary in this world. We all have to die one day. We can do something better for our nation, making us alive even after death.

Why are they earning illegally for their children only? Why do they want their children to be dependent on their parents? It may seem awkward to the readers for western countries that we stay with our families caring for each other till lifetime.

Political leaders ruin the country and make the people live a tough life while sending their children to study abroad, saying, “Here isn’t a good system. Teachers are not good enough to teach, and students are not eager to learn. You shouldn’t waste your time staying in Nepal ruining your career.”

They send their children abroad for higher education and encourage children of the general public to run after them. So youths are getting frustrated daily and trying to escape from this great native land.

As for mental health or self-satisfaction, we should always learn from the people who are living their hard lives differently from us. People are living in the streets or huts. Some people who have highly sought-after professions in our society have different lives. Besides them, most people are in difficult situations and always trying to make their lives comfortable. They are working hard but never get a good life. And ultimately, they think going abroad is the best option.

Suppose the government gives technical support economic support as a loan in a low-interest for entrepreneurs and creates student jobs for students studying in Nepal; the youth population thinks less to go abroad. In that case, it will be helpful for youths to do something for their country.

If the leaders of a particular place like Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, or other underdeveloped districts of our country think about their own places and engage in development work as the need of the day, then it wouldn’t be a problem for the people living there. Their lives would be better if the educated children of that place don’t forget their home place and help develop. As they benefit from the country or have seen the actual development by visiting foreign countries, why don’t they want that in their own place?

I am not saying they are not trying and that we do not face funding problems but they can start from small things. We can take an example of a cooking oil-producing machine. The women of Bajura were producing cooking oil from the traditional manual mills. Why don’t the people who live there collect little money and help the political leader get rid of that problem by buying modern milling machines for a whole district? We don’t have to do a lot of planning or do more. We can start from a little.

Many people from the Karnali region with many touristic points are also spending so much money to be illegally trafficked to the USA.

We now realize that it’s too hard in foreign countries to earn money. People have to do work for many hours to make little money for survival. Many people have complicated lives due to that country’s rules and regulations, and some people lose their lives too. It isn’t easy working for hours to earn money and sending money to Nepal for their families.

People follow Western culture for eating and wearing but not their works and habits. They only changed their fashion or dressings but not their thoughts. When a man stays abroad, he does all his work by himself, but the same man doesn’t do the same work in his own home country. He feels ashamed to do the same work thinking what others will say. They don’t even respect the women at home, but they do it abroad.

If you stay abroad, don’t only earn money but also learn how to behave yourself. Do some help to the poor people who are unable to survive. Many people are being settled abroad. They forgot our country. Maybe they have a good life, so they don’t even think of developing their own home country.

Nowadays, our country is dependent on remittances. The government takes more taxes for people’s work. How can we pay taxes if we don’t have any employment? Why don’t the government take care of these things?

Many people abroad face many problems due to the languages and lack of skills, etc. They don’t get any help from the embassy. The Nepali Ambassador to any country, who should be working as the servant of Nepalese people to help help the victims, just remains there to wait for the salary payment. How is the government closing its eyes on the shameful situation of Nepalese?

Yes, it’s true people are increasing day by day for foreign employment, and it increases the remittance of our country, but we are not considering the amount of labor they are spending on other countries.

Many families are ruined due to extra-marital affairs. Only old parents, kids, young wives, daughters remain here. The population of our country and childbirth rate is also decreasing day by day. Not only this, but people doing hard jobs are also getting low labor costs, and they cannot pay debts taken for investment purposes to go abroad.

Who will think for our nation? If people think we can’t do anything for our country, how will development touch our country? What will the next generation feel about us? We have industrial areas or different companies for social services, but it’s not enough for all the population who want to settle in their own country.

People engaged in agricultural or animal husbandry are doing well, but they are not getting the right price for their sweat. They are not getting respect for their work. The main problem is we discriminate the work by its categorized level. Why do we believe that educated people don’t work at farms or do small jobs? Can’t our education be practical and set the mentality of good thoughts upon the good lives for our nation?

I am not against foreign employment, and I support and respect the people. But I want to tell them to promote our country worldwide as much as you can for your nation!

Stay healthy, happy, and safe wherever you people are! God has given this beautiful life not to be satisfied by ourselves only. Many people are suffering from poverty and never smile. They are struggling a lot but trapped in their problems.

Sometimes, I forget whether we Nepalese are rich or poor. Are we destitute economically or mentally? Does anyone have the correct answer for this question?

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