English for Your Academic and Career Success

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In the current scenario, proficiency in the English language has been an integral part of our life and day-to-day learning process. English is a medium to express ideas and communicate with each other like every other language. However, it is more than just a medium of communication in the present-day world. English is globally a dominant language in every walk of life.

Despite restrictions and ‘no use policy’ of this language in some developed countries such as China, Korea, and Japan, its significance and popularity cannot be denied. Except for a few countries, it’s being used and spoken worldwide.

It is the era of science and technology. Living in a world of the day, one should know how to speak and read in English. But the most important thing is to understand the English language. You cannot respond reasonably in scenarios of communication when you do not understand this powerful language. To respond to the questions and communicate well in any language, listening carefully and comprehending a speech is imperative. So it is in English.

At the same time, a person needs to be efficient at writing correctly as well. Writing is the most crucial skill above all in the present time as uncountable websites are booming these days. Almost all websites either read and write in English or give an English translation of what they want to say. If your English is reasonably good, you can post or publish your articles or creations on many global platforms and make money. So only to understand and speak English well is not good enough to sell your English for making your living. One needs to develop writing skills as well.

Without a sound knowledge of English and good communication skills, you may encounter difficulties attending various events, training, seminars, and interviews, mainly when you need to approach the international platforms.

The English language can act additionally as a catalyst to win the battle of interviews if you are good at all other requirements. Suppose you face any interview panel and present relatively good but not par excellent, but could demonstrate that you have good English language and communication skills. In that case, you may draw the interviewers’ attention. You may win the interview for your dream job. At least, if you are in South Asia, this might come true for your fortune. Here, we need to understand that proficiency in English and good communication skills complement each other.

Big industries and multinational companies usually hire those candidates who have excellent communication skills in English even though they do not possess extraordinary qualities. In this case, the employer thinks they would make you skilled later by training but probably would not want to miss your good English. And, remember most companies prefer the English language for training. If you are looking for a job and have good English speaking fluency, you are more likely to be hired than those with no English.

Nevertheless, in India, almost all big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta graduates are not easily hired even though they have learned English well. That is because of other variables like high unemployment and low job creations.

It is a bitter reality that English has replaced many local languages from most communities. It is more accurate in Asian countries as urbanization, globalization, science, and technology have stretched their legs across the globe. Improving your English and gaining excellence in it is an unofficial but a must for everyone.

There are several institutions and learning platforms launched even in Nepal to make your English better. You can polish your English speaking and communication skills through many different in-person and virtual learning sessions. Some names are NEEF Institution, Alpha Academy, Training Center of Kathmandu, Toastmaster International, etc.

We can do it by ourselves and by doing regular self-speaking, watching talk shows, videos, and listening to audios like radios and podcasts.

English always comprises proper accent and articulation, intonation, body language, and vocabulary use. We always need to be conscientious about these components while we make a speech in English anywhere.

When you can express your ideas in fluent English, standing at the podium, most people will listen to you attentively and will surely be impressed by the way you do with your good English.

Yes, no doubt, it’s been a critical asset and element to put an impression upon others too. You are good at English or not, it may not matter to you, but it may matter to your girlfriend, your colleagues or maybe sometimes, to your friends too. English is adding extra quality and value to people and personalities.

From my point of view, having fluency and impressive speaking English enable you to be more confident, enthusiastic, and creative towards your works or goals.

In non-English speaking countries and world English is an essential language that helps you to fight obstacles and challenges that come on the way to your academic and career success. If you learn and practice speaking and writing English regularly, you will notice some remarkable progress in how you are up out in the world of globalization.

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