Chitwan: A Worth Visiting Midland in Nepal

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Chitwan is one of the 77 districts of Nepal that covers an area of 2,238.39 km sq. It lies in the southwestern part of the Bagmati province. Chitwan is one of Nepal’s Inner Tarai Valleys between the Mahabharat, Siwalik Ranges, both considered foothills of the Himalayas.

Based on Census 2011, Chitwan has a population of 579,984. And 74.9% of the population have their own home. In the past, only Tharu people lived here but now people of all castes, cultures, and religions live in Chitawan along with Tharu communities. Tharu are the biggest ethnic group of Tarai, the plain farmland of southern Nepal. Tharus are very affluent culturally. The best thing about Chitwan is that there is love, respect, sharing, and understanding among people that richly reap up perfect social harmony in the land.

Chitwan is also the best place for nature lovers. ‘Beauty and Beasts’ that one can enjoy here really blows one’s mind. There are many touristic attractions in Chitawan like Bishazari Taal(20 Thousand Lake), Chitwan National Park, Sauraha Wildlife Safari, Upper Dang Gadhi(Dang Fort), Jalbire Waterfall, Narayani River, Meghauli, and many more.

Bishazari Taal(20 Thousand Lake) lies in the southern corner of Bharatpur City, one and only the Metropolitan City of the district Chitawan. It is a Ramsar(wetland) site of international significance. It is home to many wildlife like tigers, deer, crocodiles, and rhinos, and many other amphibians, reptiles, and birds.

Another major attraction in Chitawan is Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s first National Park, established in 1973 AD. The Rapti River locates on the western side of the City Bharatpur and flows southwest bound of the city forming the Northern boundary-line of the National Park. There we can view many various species of plants, birds, and animals. In 1984, the place is named UNESCO Natural Heritage Site.

Upper Dang Gadhi(Old Dang Fort):
Upper Dan Gadhi is one of the most unique and recently open trekking routes near the mid-hills of Nepal. It is a short day trek that introduces visitors to the local ethnic cultures. The fort was built to fight off the then conquering Shah Kings. Fort is the main attraction of that place. Moreover, there we can also view the beautiful Shaktikhor Waterfall.

Agriculture And Industry
In Chitwan Valley, agriculture is the most indispensable sector of the ground economy. Farmer mainly cultivates food crops and cash crops like rice, maize, wheat, beans, and mustard, etc. Chitawan is one of the major supply-chain junctions of food and other commodities throughout the country. Chitwan is eminent for growing mustard and production of mustard oil in Nepal. Apart from this, the poultry industry in the district constitutes a significant hold of the country’s poultry industry. The place is also known as the Egg Basket of Nepal. Meat and dairy products are also widely produced and consumed here. Daal-Bhat(rice with lentil soup)is the staple food of the area.

Transportation And Communication Of Chitwan
Chitwan has only one airport in Bharatpur which connects Chitawanians to the capital Kathmandu. Four domestic airline companies have been serving the need for air transportation of the people with 7 to 11 flights daily to Kathmandu back and forth. Other transportation facilities like long-haul bus service, rental cars, taxis, and off-road four-wheelers are amply available to tour around in the homeland and across the border to India. Almost all the roads of Chitwan are paved and are confidently safe to travel. Transportation is not a barrier issue to move around in Chitawan.

Communication and mass media is also in a good state of being in Chitawan like transportation. Here are the plethora of local FM radio stations like Synergy FM, Kalika FM, Hamro FM, and many more that are based and broadcasted from Bharatpur City. They keep buzzing 24hour with information, commercials, entertainment, and social, educational product and services. Besides radio, readily available local and national broadsheet newspapers are also playing a crucial role to spread information here. Cell phone possession is obviously at the highest side of its graph here as well like everywhere in the world.

To sum up, Chitwan is a middle land of Nepal having all the facilities. It attracts tourists because of its beauty and impresses the people who live here with its facilities and development.

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