Youths in Dilemma

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Aftermath the Covid and its variants, kids and youths’ vision and proper path, have adversely affected. The time for sowing seeds of quality education and planning for futuristic goals is not parallel as there remains uncertainty and insecurity regarding the freedom of movement and sound health.

Life has been understood so seriously that to remain alive is the essence of the day, let alone the education and entertainment of human affairs. Education has become secondary as the clear solution to eradicating evil viruses and components has not been identified yet.

Amidst such a considerable dilemma, educational institutions, however, are managing somehow to crawl up. But uncertainty about the terrible situation hasn’t been sorted out. 

The stone age is forming its shape as people are afraid of being together caused by social distancing and health protocols.

Who says, “It’s the 21st century and the technologically miraculous era !” It seems like it is not enough to cope with the current instability thrashing economic sectors and potentialities. Countries around the globe are facing the same challenges and every nation is striving to crawl and walk and run. 

The growth and development of least developed countries have been strangled and miscuing economically. The developed nations only discuss and raise their own self intentions and interiorize others. 

Students and youths are global assets. The time to gain knowledge and explore the possibilities shall not deprive them of acquiring a confident and secure future.

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