My Husband, I Am Hurt, It Pains

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You called me today, but I didn’t receive it. I read your texts but didn’t reply a single word.

I don’t know why I am waiting for you. I don’t love you anymore. But why am I staying at your home??

Again you called me, and I answered your call. “What happened to you not answering my phone calls and texts?” Your question. I smiled and told you there were no phone calls and texts. You texted me, and you deleted all the text messages. Yes, you called me but not fifty times as you say.

You forced me to tell why my eyes were swelling. I had many things to tell him from my heart, but my mouth didn’t open up! “I said nothing was there to say to you.”

But in my inner heart, I have many things to tell you. I am hurt, and I am feeling low and alone. Where are you in my life? You always insult me.

“Have you ever told your mom to give this much money to me when you send money home?”

He sends money to his mommy because we lost his father this year. Her mom gives me one thousand or two when he sends money.

Is it enough? I got hurt and dominated. I swear I am. Do you know how much I feel bad when I get this? Money is not everything I know, but it matters because I also have many things to do with it.

Don’t you think I am living with your family? I wake up early and do all the chores. I take care of all the family members. I cook food, do dishes, clean the house, wash the clothes, and do gardening. I do every work at home because I acknowledge that it’s my duty. I take care of my child for his homework and study too.

But it’s not enough! Your mommy taunts me sometimes. I have my final exams coming near, but there is no time to study. Whenever I sit to study after all my work is done, she calls me for other jobs. She taunts me saying this and that are not perfect and complete.

I am fed off!! Oh my god! I feel sad when all these happen to me at my own home. I used to think about what other people do for their daughter-in-law at their home. Many people of our country believe that their daughter is their daughter and others’ daughters are like servants in their house. She must do everything and make them happy. Sometimes we forget that we are also human beings and have the right to live our lives freely.

Yes, I agree that we should take good care of our family, but it should not be forceful. We get married to our husbands, but we don’t have any rights in their homes. We are treated as outsiders.

If there were husband’s spinster sisters in the family like in many houses, the house would be more like hell. Fortunately, I don’t have that lousy situation because his sisters are like my friends. They help me in my challenging situation.

I only think that I deserve the best from my husband because I take care of his family, expecting nothing from it. Even though he treats me like a divorced wife, I do my duties to unite the family. It’s my respect for him. I don’t have any right to share my feelings with him because if I say a single word about his family when I feel bad, he tells everything to his sisters and mommy.

Sometimes I feel like going very far from his family and relatives with my son. Then I think is I am not an independent lady. How can I take a risk? Yes, I am an educated lady, but I don’t have any job for a living. But it’s all my imagination in my mind because I can’t tell these feelings to my husband. I have tried many things to earn money, like investing in the stock market and taking an insurance agent’s license, but it’s not a permanent job. It’s like marketing only. I have to do my best and set up a business, but where is the investment? If I had money and could do whatever I thought to do for a living. I would go very far snd stay peacefully with my son doing my own business. I have to wait for it!!

I cut the phone without saying these things to my husband that I have nothing to tell you. I am Ok!!

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