Understanding Humans Through Machines Hurts You Less

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Any machine in this globe doesn’t have 100% efficiency. You won’t get your input entirely back as the output because some of your input efforts burn to move the machine’s mechanical parts. Some energy gets wasted as friction or heat.

Although it is practically impossible to receive exactly equal output as the input, let us imagine a fully efficient machine exists. Well, even in that case, its efficiency will eventually decrease with time as it becomes old and rusty.

It is somewhat the same when it comes to people. If you give somebody your 100% to make them happy or fulfill their needs, you won’t always get 100% back from them. Some people might, and by some people, I mean one in a thousand. Even in that case, as time goes by, they might lose interest in you. They might get used to the efforts you put in to love them or to make them happy.

As a result, your importance in their life will decrease, slowly but surely. You might end up being a side character in their film. Here, what you need to see is it’s not your fault at all. You were giving your 100% for them, but the other person lost interest in you.

So all of us must accept and digest the fact that we will never get the same amount of effort you put on somebody back from them in most cases. That is why please stop expecting a lot from people and hurting yourself when they don’t meet the expectations. Most of the time, they won’t meet your expectations, that’s for sure.

If you accept this, you are less likely to get severely hurt when somebody doesn’t reach your expectations despite all your efforts. It doesn’t mean you should be iffy all the time. No, I don’t mean to say that because everything in this world has exceptions. Some people in the world are genuinely kind by heart and they might even give more than the efforts you put on them in the first place. These people do exist, but they are barely easy to find and it is also very tough to distinguish the fake kind people from the genuine ones.

I am saying this that when you didn’t receive 100% from somebody even when you gave that person your 100%, you would not be disappointed. You know, nine out of ten people you’ll meet in your life will indeed disappoint you.

Nevertheless, always be kind to others no matter how they treat you because kindness matters.

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