Taming a Bulging Belly Is Not a Fun Guys

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When they happened to pop up dominant ones, I used to hammer those enormous bellies. I loved to label them as the muscular devil and stuffed idol of corruption. They always overrode the rest of the around. Those fully-fledged bawl of glutton guys pissed me off so much because the bearers marginalized the smaller kind like mine next to them.

Their dictatorial reign had surpassed my level of patience. And I was all set to burst into wild protest in the following see.

So, venting a protest, it was great fun to shatter them that their bellies were no more than a goddamn large bump at the center of the body.

My colleagues helplessly protected their troublesome fatty stomachs, advocating that they needed the bulky one to show up well-off physique in society.

It was easy to hit as this chap had a plain vertically and light enough to treat. “We will see you someday when you grow middle age.” They would tend to avenge verbally.

I remember those days of physical fitness and functional easiness.

Now, Alas! Gone were the days! A similar fate is taking a reprisal against me that is hard to bring to the book; the burdensome bump. Maybe those guys burst into wild laughter when they see me bearing the brunt of identical swollen bladder far forward my slim metabolism. Lol!

Those awesome days while going out in the fresh summer morn to beat stuffiness, a mesmerizing sight I hunt was middle-aged men wildly meditating, jogging, sitting-ups, stalking, hopping, and jumping sweaty in the open veld; funny, however, was their belly. Some full-fledged and fleshy, others grown bulky, jutting and dangling loosely, some mundane and dull seem troubled when provoked.

I have closely observed the large belly as an additional strain annoying while dressing up. It is an imposing burden while walking. It is disturbing while biking. It demands more nutritional intake and causes sluggishness that creeps in at work—demands more rest.

The tad too lazy folks muster up their strength to bring those fatty muscular pouches under control, but the troublesome bags remain invincible.

Times have changed so far. People choose an easy way of serving food items. Our appetite for tasty and junk items has multiplied, enticing us to pick up anything blindly. Our insensitivity dramatically contributes to the tummy bulge. We are ruthless eaters and comfort seekers. We gobble everything, including oily and fatty cuisines. We laze, doze off, and sleep more, avoiding physical work and exercise as a way of daily dealings. We normally idle away the whole time by glutting, drinking, and allowing the belly to go baggy and bloated. When the belly pops up kiddingly, it’s time for remorse.

A large belly is a conspicuous feature of nasty physical get up. It adds extraneous muscular weight, which sheds physical enthusiasm, fitness, and charisma. It invites medical challenges atop, driving us to be dull and fagged; let alone undue physical pressure.

The parochial belief that it holds a sign of prosperity has gone wrong now, and my colleagues might have been correcting it. They must have realized my terrible lambast that a large belly is no more than the pouch of corruption. Be it a coincidental fact only in our land, most leaders, bureaucrats and high-ranking officials, and tycoons own enormous bellies.

Whatsoever the connotation, a large belly is not the hallmark of a healthy life. Getting the belly to size is what is all required.

Whatever goes on, a bitter reality on the top is that it is a fertile foundation of multiple health issues.

The belly should be helped not to pan out anymore. Its shape and size hinges on the commodities we serve, we work, and how we involve our physique. Once it has come its way, the regime goes for getting all the workouts and what not to trim down the size of the belly. Of course, not everyone succeeds in the strenuous venture, and some are just too lazy to get doing something.

Let you not be the next victim like me in the veld the next morn, identical to the intrigued ones. I am trying my best to reshape it into slim, but it is not as easy as we think. Painful efforts should be paid someday when it is too late.

I will see the long-run preys back in Nepal, and I guess how it goes in our meeting. I’m sure they will bombard my tummy. Perhaps, we will burst into that laughter gazing at each other’s tummy popped out to the full swing.

(Ideas expressed in this piece are the fictional/non-fictional personal accounts of personal experience of the writer. Editor)

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