Plastic or Human, Who Is the Villain for Earth?

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After the math class ended, my friend who was not paying attention to the teacher’s instruction started messaging me uncontrollably.

I ignored it even though I knew that she was desperate for my reply.

I know that she’s just asking me to help her with math. I’ve already helped her out with math a million times, and yet she still asks for my help.

Slightly annoyed, I continued ignoring her.

Later, I found out that she organized a meeting with all of us, her friends, for fun and that she was trying to invite me first. But I missed the meeting for being too late to check the message too late.

This is just a small example of what we’re doing right now.

“The annoying friend who never pays attention” is our earth. It is constantly messaging us, every day, every minute, every second. But we ignore it because we think it’s just another usual message. I only missed a meeting because of ignoring the message. If we keep ignoring the messages of our earth, it could be too late to live. Yes, I mean, we could literally die because of ignoring our planet earth.

This is old news, though. Everybody knows that we’re in danger because of pollution. When we read things like this, we feel guilty, but then we move on, we completely forget about our earth again.

Earth was once a pleasant place where nobody polluted. Now, the earth is an unpleasant place where everybody pollutes.

So obviously, we know that the ultimate villain of our earth is plastic. Why does plastic even exist in the first place? We use them as bags and bottles, but much more eco-friendly materials can replace bags and bottles.

73% of beach litter is plastic. That’s a lot more than how much it’s supposed to be. We’re suffocating the earth with plastic. We absolutely hate viruses, but we don’t realize that we are acting like a virus towards the earth. We’re making earth so ill.

We’re murderers as well. Even if some of us are weak-hearted, we’re still killing 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year. And that’s just the deaths caused by plastic. We are killing even more animals because of our pollution.

We have already murdered so many animals and also caused them instinct. Now we have gone as far as murdering trees.

Yes, we are producing many goods from our factories, but the smoke from factories is affecting the trees and plants around us. We are also causing land destruction because of our gases, which are causing trees to die.

Polluted air doesn’t need a visa to get into a plane, and it doesn’t need a plane to cross borders as well. There’s no use trying to protect yourself from air pollution. Air can quickly enter your body. So stop polluting the air because the air is already powerful. Polluted air is even more powerful.

Everybody loves peace. Who wants to hear car horns, people yelling, and construction sounds every day? So before honking your car away just because of the traffic, think twice. You were meant to be a part of the solution, not a part of sound pollution.

What is something you can’t live without? Even if you’re incredibly close with a few people, even if you think your work or money is more valuable, the most practical and essential thing on planet earth that humans just can’t live without is water. Life without water is like a human without the head. You need water for everything. You can never be independent of water. You drink water-based beverages. You eat water-based food. You clean yourself with water, wash your belongings, cook with water, and what are paintings without water? Water is much more valuable than you think.

There is no tomorrow without water, and yet we are still wasting water or polluting clean water. We know that many deadly water diseases are caused by eating seafood or drinking contaminated water. So stop polluting water because you’re just poisoning yourself by polluting water.

So what about our eyes? Can our eyes face pollution? Apparently, ‘Yes.’ ‘Visual pollution’ exists. When you just can’t bear the sight of moving vehicles all honking, endless people walking around and persistent signs and billboards, that means your eyes are very uncomfortable with the scene that’s in front of you.

If you stand in front of a lovely big green tree, you will not feel any discomfort. The natural green color has the ability to relax the eyes and the brain. But the natural green color is going extinct, again because of us.

There’s still a lot of greenness left, so we should cherish it while it still exists. ‘Plant more trees’ is standard advice, but do we follow it?

I said that plastic is the villain of our earth, but the true villains are humans because we created plastic, and we use it despite knowing the harmful effects.

So, you know the solution, stop the pollution. If you don’t kill pollution, pollution will kill you.

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