My Beautiful Country Nepal

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My Country, Nepal, is surrounded east, west, and south by a big Country named India and north by China. Our country’s flag is triangular, which is unique in the world. Our country is peaceful in the world, rich in different castes with different cultures and backgrounds.

There are about 126 castes and creeds in Nepal, rich in culture with different dresses. Our country is mainly divided into three ecological regions. They are the Himalayas, Hill, and Plain areas. Nepal stretches from the lowest point of 70 meters from sea level to the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest which is about 8848.86 meters. Climatewise, the Himalayan region is frigid, and the terai region is sweltering in summer and very cold in winter. In the hilly area, there is neither too much hot in summer nor very cold in winter.

In our country, there are many Himalayas. And out of the ten highest mountains in the world, the top 8 mountains such as Mt Langtang, Mt. Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri, etc., are in our country.

Our country has different flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, and green jungles, which helps attract tourists. So, tourists from other countries saw different types of natural attractions. They used to pay dollars money while enjoying many historical and regional palaces.

Our country is rich in water resources among the Asian countries and the two most prosperous countries in the world after Brazil. It has potential fuel hydropower worth, which helps to produce electricity for the people of our country. Nepal is rich in agriculture, whereas 60% of the people are farmers. They cultivate fruits and vegetables for the people and enjoy their life. There should be scientific instruments for growing fruits and vegetables, which helps make farmers’ lives very attractive and
beautiful. Nepal has historical importance.

Gautam Budhha was the founder of Buddhism, which flourished worldwide. Many Buddhists from different countries used to come to Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. They spend many dollars.

Janakpurdham is also a famous temple in Nepal because Lord Ram married the daughter of king Janak who was the king of Janakpur. So, many Indian tourists come to the Janaki temple of Janakpur. Other personalities include Bhirkuti and Araniko. Bhirkuti was born in our Country and Araniko. Bhirkuti was born in Nepal, while Araniko was born in China. They were prince and princess and married each other. So, Our Country flourished all over the world, and we have a good relationship with China. Pashupatinath temple is in Nepal country where there is the god Shiva, and many Indians come in Shivaratri Day.

Nepalese are known as brave Gorkhalese who were united after a long struggle and fought many wars to serve our country named Nepal. Many Gorkhalese became the Indian army and were known as brave worldwide.

Our Country, Nepal is not poor. People are rich but corruption, illegal working or trading, and a weak Government are some of the problems. There is discrimination between men and women, castes and creeds. So, the government should stop it and provide job facilities to all young generations. Nepalese people moving to other countries should be stopped. Women should do political jobs.

Corruption should be stopped. Selling women to another country named India should be stopped. This helps to develop our country.

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Sabina thapa
Sabina thapa
1 year ago

So proud of you Smriti🌹🌹🌹