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Psychologists offer a lot of reasons for dreaming. A dream in psychology might be a simple way of clearing away useless memories of the past day and then entering those essential memories and matter more into long-term storage.

On the other hand, many psychologists, particularly those who engage in therapy practice, have realized the importance of dream analysis. This means that even if dreams might help in sorting the information in your brain, these can also help you consider things you ignore when you awake.

Others also suggested that dreams are the way of the brain to prepare you for possible challenges that might happen in the future. For instance, a dream about your teeth falling out might reflect your anxiety about your body giving out on you. A dream in psychology might also solve problems as you continue dealing with challenges as you sleep, such as a complex project at work that you tackled during the daytime.

Some psychologists claim that dreams don’t have psychological functions at all. However, they stated that dreams still have their meanings since the content of a dream is unique to the person, and the kind of analysis that the dreams of that person can provide an excellent psychological portrait of the individual.

It was during the early 1900s that Sigmund Freud wrote his theory of dreams and their interpretations. He believes that dreams manifest a person’s deepest fears and desires often associated with repressed memories and obsessions during childhood.

He also believed that almost all topics of dreams, whatever the contents of the dreams could be, are a representation of releasing sexual tension. In his Interpretation of Dreams 1899, Freud devised a psychological method for interpreting dreams. He also developed a set of guidelines for helping people understand those symbols and motives that show in their dreams.
Dreams will probably continue to remain a mystery. However you choose to interpret your dreams, or whether you believe they have a meaning in the first place, the only thing that is sure is that dreams are part of your being.