Live Brightly, Who Cares What People Say About You

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In any events full of people, look around. See the happy faces. Does it ever make you feel low, and make you feel like you’re the only sad one in this world? No, the smiling faces, the ones that seem to be happy, usually aren’t. Let’s be honest, how many of us are truly happy? A very few percent of us would say yes. Remember as kids, when “If you’re happy and you know it claps your hands” used to get replies with thunders of claps of children? When I hear that rhyme now, I don’t feel like moving my hands to the slightest bit.

The world is full of suffering. With every step forward, you’ll face downfalls. With time, things get harder, not easier. Time doesn’t make things better, in fact, with every moving second, life just gets tougher. It is just you who gets stronger and wiser to be able to face all the difficulties that the universe has in store for you. Why were people in the older generations comparatively happy as teens? Because there was very little competition. The world is a competitive world now, everyone wants the best, nobody wants to settle for anything below their expectancies. Each one wants to thrive forward for the better, everyone wants to stand out, but not everyone can do so. And that makes us sad and insecure. We see and know things before we are supposed to due to the internet.

 When people say social media can get toxic, it is true. The amount of hate, bullying, rumoring, hacking, backbiting, harassment that goes on on the internet makes your thoughts tangled without you realizing it. And then you just sit there trying to untangle your thoughts, bringing in numerous amounts of stress, and anxiety. However, our deteriorating mental health state is not just because of social media or the internet, it is also because of the people around us.

The people you choose to be with show a lot of nosy concerns about what you go through and how you get through. See your circle, if it is toxic, it is high time that you say goodbye. It is also because of the very unnecessarily stereotyped thoughts of the society which makes someone with a mental health issue a ‘disgrace’ to their family. In this instance that you read this line, pledge to never be someone who makes someone feel bad for being a good person and for talking about their mental health. Trust me, it takes a lot of courage.

We are humans, we need friends, families and society. So, make sure you aren’t someone who makes it harder for another human to live, if you can, make it easier. Talk to your friends, talk to your parents, your counselor, and your teachers, take care of people, and take care of yourself because hey, the day you are living today, is never ever coming back. Also, do what you are supposed to do, but make sure you are happy with it. In the end, it is literally only you who can lift yourself up from the disasters of life. Read that again.

You might be in a dark phase today, it might get darker tomorrow, don’t live fretting about dark days, live for the happy days. The thing about life is that no feeling is constant. Today, you might be feeling like the loneliest person and tomorrow might be the best day of your life. It is so uncertain. It isn’t fair if you let yourself go lost in a time of pain because it is at times like this that you need yourself the most.

Finally, you are worth the happiness you try to give to others. Cheer up and live this moment. I am proud of who you have become and what you have gone through. You deserve to live, but you also have to let live.


The moment I write this, I hope you are in good health and in a state of peace with your body and your mind. Times are not the best. I know that a lot of you feel alone, a lot of you have dealt with tough stories, backgrounds and hard lives. Maybe you just want to escape. I am here, as someone who has also been through the dark roads, to tell you that you can do it and you can make it. You have so much value, you are a beautiful human, you are loved, and unique. You are YOU and there is no one else like you, full of potential, full of life and full of worth. Maybe you’ve been torn down by people and by circumstances. Learn to take that as your strength. You need yourself more than anyone else. Other’s opinions and other people can’t change your value or how worthwhile you are.

“No matter how dark the tunnel is, there is light on the other side.”

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Kasis ghale
Kasis ghale
2 years ago

Wow. This was so beautiful.