Let’s Make Love: After All I Am Yours

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Probably few people get the opportunity to imagine or experience such a pleasing thing, where they can enjoy someone’s love despite many chains, bonds and unequal conditions.

Where is the value of pure and holy love in this selfish world?

Here terms like ‘sale’ ‘reservation’ are used as an excuse for momentary love. It is true that in a world where humanity is disappearing, the number of people who want goodness and progress can be counted on their fingers.

In the drought of holy love, there is a rain of pure and divine love. Sometimes and some people in this world must be happy. No preconceived notions, no selfish desires, no worries of losing anything. Why am I so devoted anyway? I question myself. Maybe, if I expect the answer to this question from a friend, how can I expect a different answer than this, even if it is ‘love is love? Where is the difference from other people?

In the journey of life so far, where did my situation easily get this experience and desire? This reality proves to be completely wrong. Because in our society, where can one easily share one’s feelings and emotions with others in this kind of situation? Or, can you tell others how we feel about love and relation that we might have been undergoing? It seems to be against the status quo of society and the family.

Even today, a kind of strange hypothesis keeps coming to mind. Why do I have the experience of making such a sweet mistake of doing and handling love despite the strict chains of society, rules and laws?

I like to repeat this sweet mistake over and over again. Ironically, in the name of love, I have neither the right nor the right to allow this sweet mistake to let happen. After all, I am yours and will stay yours no matter how big a sin it is to make love and maintain it.

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