Journey to the Red Planet Mars

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UniX is an international space organization on Earth. It is a reputed space research organization working in the field of exoplanets, aliens and other planets of the solar system and the possibility of life beyond Earth, especially on Mars. Over two hundred well-renowned scientists and over three hundred engineers worked overnight to launch a human-crewed Mission on Mars to study the possibility of life there and to migrate people from Earth to Mars.

“Good morning, sir,” a guy in his middle forties with a long beard and looking sleepy said to the head of UniX named Joseph.
“Is the spacesuit ready, David?” Joseph asked, wishing him good morning with a smiley face.
“It will be ready by the next month, sir,” David replied.
“Who is this guy?” Angela, a multi-billionaire who was funding this project, asked Joseph.
“He is a very brilliant scientist in our organization. He has a supernatural power to imagine and predict space behavior. He can imagine far beyond the computer simulation and it is accurate. However, he has a genetic disorder called X- syndrome,” Joseph replied.

“OH, it’s so strange. What that X- syndrome is ?” Asked Angela.
“It is a rare disorder in which a person has forty-six pairs of chromosomes and their body can’t do meiosis cell division. This occasionally causes memory loss for 3 or 4 hours. At that time, he forgets everything, even his name !”

“Then why did you take such a person for this complicated mission Joseph? “Angela warned Joseph.
“Mam, he is god gifted person. Without him, it is almost impossible to carry out this mission successfully, trust me. “Joseph replied.
Nearly after three months, the spacecraft and everything is ready for the Mars mission. Five top scientists, namely David, Christopher, Narayan, Faizal and Fatima, were trained in UniX in an artificially created Mars-like environment. They were prepared for nearly six months to adapt to a Martian environment.

“Are you ready for the Mars mission? “Joseph asked them.
“Yes sir, we are very ready. “They replied in a chorus.

A crowd was shouting, screaming and praying when the rocket named Redzone-53 carrying that spacecraft named Martian -21 was on its launchpad. Suddenly there was an announcement the rocket would be launched after 10 minutes. The spectator was very excited to see the rare-to-happen event. Suddenly a blast of smoke emerged and the rocket swiftly moved up in the sky toward the Red Planet Mars. Five scientists were inside the rocket.

Martian-21 landed safely on the red planet mars after ten-month long daredevil journey, and there was a joyful and exciting environment here on Earth. The scientists handling this project said,” We did it .” Everyone was cheering up and excited. A team of scientists was monitoring and watching every moment of Martian-21 and the five scientists there. They had adequate food, clothing, and materials to stay on mars. They had a rover with them to move around the Martian surface.

It was nearly three months since they were on the Martian surface, and everything was under control. They studied the soil, geography, behavior of the Martian atmosphere, and its gravity. On the very morning, they saw that David was not in his bed.

“\Christopher, Narayan, Faizal and Fatima screamed, calling David, “Where are you? Are you hearing us ?”

Soon, Christopher realized that one rover was missing.
“He seems to ride off with rover due to his genetic problem,” Christopher said.
They checked the tracking system of the rover and discovered that he had moved nearly 300 kilometers off. They had no other rover to chase him, so they moved here and there and just prayed to God. Using their communication system, they contacted David; however, due to his problem, he had forgotten everything.

The rover was taking him haphazardly off the spaceship. He lost his memory temporarily. Suddenly a strong storm blew off everywhere. The wind was so strong that it forced the rover elsewhere, and it hit a hill, fell down a cliff, and got damaged heavily. Its Communication system was damaged. It was a week David wasn’t in contact with his friends. Four friends thought David was killed in the storm, and tears fell from their eyes. They remained silent for a few minutes. No one dared to speak.

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Narayan poudel
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