Intimate Brothers

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There was a remote village somewhere in Nepal. The village was remote but was naturally beautiful. It was equivalent to paradise on Earth; nature had given it beautiful greenery and landscape. The villagers were very kind and cooperative and were living in good harmony. The frontier of this village was everything to the inhabitants here.

In this village there were two intimate brothers in a dilapidated hut. The younger was Mohammed and the elder was Abdulla. They were financially poor; however, they were delighted because they had a solid bond of love. They were very talented in their study. In the gap of one year, both of them completed their schooling and also completed their study in the village.

Now, they had to shift to the city to reach their peak pace and get through their higher studies. Firstly, Abdulla moved to the town and joined himself in college. 

In the following year, Mohammed also joined Abdulla. Though both wanted to pursue some advanced education, they couldn’t do so because of their financial condition. Mohammed sacrificed his study and joined some easy and cheap courses. Mohammed joined Morning College and utilized his spare time to earn a livelihood for both. 

This way, Abdulla completed his university study and Mohammed left college because of work pressure. Mohammed sacrificed his career for Abdulla. And he didn’t let any financial problem touch Abdulla. And finally, Abdulla flew off abroad. He performed well there, got a lucrative job, and eventually married a well–off girl.

Now, a tear of happiness fell from Mohammed’s eye. Hoping that he would now get support from Abdulla in return. But at this stage, Abdulla had forgotten all the past and the plight of Mohammed. At this time, Mohammed’s heart shattered. He regretted and felt sorry for himself for being fooled by his brother. All the past ran through his mind like a movie in a theater – how he worked overnight and managed finances for them and how he left off his studies. At this juncture, he had neither a degree, bank balance, or brother. 

Now, he felt himself an absolute orphan. He went to the bar where they used to go and took four packs of Vodka, remembering the days when both had it with cheers. Then he consoled himself and became stout and rigid. He swore to become a great entrepreneur and stand before Abdulla. He went back to the ancestral village and started farming. He worked overnight and the villagers also supported him. Within three years, the demand for his product increased so mainly that now he has around two hundred workers and his products go all over the country. His income is very high now and he is a renowned entrepreneur in the country.

He has good conjugal life with two sons. But he doesn’t want to send his sons anywhere from his native land. And he is very cautious not to let his sons repeat his story.

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