Being an Optimist

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Pedal of life gives us many ups and downs. We use a specific lever to move us forward. It is the destiny of people to start, grow and finish. 

We use multiple choices and options to reach the top of the destinations set out. Though the sky is the limit, we do not fall back in any circumstance. 

Being an optimist gives you an extra lever to get up to the top.

The choices we make in our lives are not very easy. We choose them because we think they are the best ones among many others. We try to fit ourselves in as many ways as possible to give our business a perfect finishing. But, the situation does not remain the same at every bend and bounds. It depends upon a person’s energy, environment, and willpower how a particular setting turns out to be successful. 

Not that everyone who tries succeed. But among all the tried materials, only a few find their destiny. Therefore, achieving goals and living future is like chewing metal flakes.

The optimist has many general meanings and a few philosophical meanings as well. In general, an optimist is “a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something.” On the other hand, its philosophical meaning says, “a person who believes that this world is the best of all possible worlds or that good must ultimately prevail over evil.” It is an internal thought and process of mental feelings.

In my opinion, there are two kinds of optimism: positive optimism and negative optimism.

A person blessed with positive optimism is riched with unimaginable inner wealth that consequently converts to outer wealth. A person rich with positive optimism has an ‘I can Do’ attitude. They see solutions to every problem. They seem positive towards their life, whatever their condition is. It does not separate between poor and rich. Optimism gives equal opportunity to every class of people around the world. It is very much essential to develop optimism within ourselves. Moreover, such personality trait includes joyfulness, self-discipline, rationality and being thankful for nature. They try to follow ethics and think before doing anything.

Some people choose negativity as their optimism. In such conditions, they will be good at favoring people, earning more money and keeping everything under control, but not in a good sense. Since their destiny is pirated, they cannot separate between what is good and what is evil. They have good energy, good willpower, and a proper mental state. But all of these traits do not last for longer. It is harrowing if we cannot show our natural feeling to others. Most negative optimists rely on lies and fraudulent behavior due to their inner conflict themselves. It isn’t easy to reduce such personality. They don’t think much about ethical considerations, rules, and regulations.


A single coin has two sides. Similarly, there is another side of optimism which is called pessimism. It shows negativity and frustration towards own life. Here, people see the problem in every solution. They hate their lives and start to compare themselves with others. They see scarcity and emptiness attacking their lives. Though a person possesses enormous potential, pessimism hides their ability to show the world. The development of a person is distracted and slowed down by the growth of pessimism. The fear of failure, unsuccessfulness, doubts and unclear vision comes free from the growth of pessimism. It is like a disease deep-rooted inside a person’s mind that creates hindrances in the way of life.

There is no 100% optimism or pessimism that prevails in human beings. It is a ratio and mixture of both optimism and pessimism that takes the chariot of life. It is good news for all of us to know that positive optimism can be grown gradually. Though it may take some time to convert our personality, it certainly pays the price. 

We should not think big to become optimistic. Instead, we can just follow our daily routines with total energy and consciousness. At first, we should notice what we think and how we work in our everyday life. The thought process has colossal power to change our concepts and, ultimately, our tasks.

The beauty of optimism is how we see the world from our eyes. It is an inner fulcrum that leads us to the heights of success. It must be gained with the proper realization of time and effort. The world is waiting for us to rule. It is our choice how we govern it.

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