A Planet Governed by a Wise King

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About one hundred and fifty light years away from our Milkyway Galaxy, there was another Galaxy. It was Bourneo. There were numerous stellar systems in Bourneo. Among them, a stellar system with star Roma at the center surrounded by four hundred and thirty-two Planets consisted of a habitable planet Ulterno lying far from Roma. This was a habitable planet because it was very suitable for its inhabitants. It was governed by King Zirko.

The inhabitants were happy with the King and the world they had.
The King was very nice. However, they were tormented by a problem- their neighboring Planet Sibeta. Morso, the King of Sibeta was very ferocious and merciless towards Ulternian. He was always thinking and seeking the chance to attack and capture Ulterno. The Ulternian seems their future in perplexity due to Morso. But anyhow, they had consoled themselves by getting a nice-hearted King Zirko.

The Ulternian had bizarre body structure and anatomy. They were made of silicon having hard skin. They had huge head without hair, no nose and no ear. Defacto, they were void of the respiratory system. Their other body parts were fragile and lanky from neck to toe. At the top of their head, they had some black shining structure just like glass from where they could trap light and heat that helped them to feed automatically.

Their body was just like electric instruments powered by a solar panel. Naturally, they were autotrophs. Once they got light, they got the power to move and work. Mature Ulternians even had wings to fly for short distances. They were far more intelligent than human beings. Their brain worked faster than a supercomputer.

In addition, their biological system was very bizarre. In case of injury, it healed automatically within minutes. The only problem with them was that they should get heat and light continuously; otherwise, they would die, and their system would stop functioning.

The exciting part of Ulterno was that its period of revolution around Roma was nearly two hundred and eighty-five Earth’s years. Its northern part was empty in that there was a continuous bombardment of nuclear bombs and various attacks by the Sibetian army. Many Ulternians lost their lives due to such attacks, so they were scared of staying there.

The lifespan of the inhabitants was almost one year there. As the day went by, the winter season’s duration increased. Consequently, it became challenging for them to synthesize food, so they weakened and started dying due to malnutrition and starvation. Moreover, due to malnutrition, their reproduction, which is parthenogenesis, started vanishing as it needed tremendous energy and nutrition.

King Zirko became very sad hearing the news of the increasing toll and decreasing birth every day. King gave long holidays for the inhabitants to travel around space to gain light; however, it didn’t function well because of King Morso. The Sibetian army left no stone unturned to kill Ulternians. They often chased Ulternian spaceships for a long distance to attack and kill them.

As the day went by, the problem of reproduction grew even worse. Consequently, their population started declining, and King Zirko was very worried about this fragile situation. “What if all population got finished? How could I save my Planet Ulterno?” Zirko always had in mind. “If the population goes down this way, then the day isn’t far when our world empties out. Do something, father. ” One day, elder son of Zirko said poignantly.
Being worried heavily, Zirko asked his son, putting his hand on his head, “What to do? Give me some idea, Son?” “Father, we have brilliant scientists. Let’s discuss with them. I am sure they would give the best solution “. King liked the idea and called for a meeting.

During the discussion, a group of scientists put forth a theory that they can synthesize their clones or creatures like them from the dying stars lying nearly eight Astronomical units off their Romian systems. They added, “the star Lega was formed soon after the Big Bang and contained many biomolecules including silicon. It is being a supernova and going to get exploded soon. Once it explodes, we can collect the debris and radiations using our sophisticated telescope fitted with our automated spacecraft. We can synthesize DNA like ours in the laboratory by collecting trash from that star.

This ultimately helps us to grow our population “.”Does this theory work?” King asked the scientists.

Most of the scientists nodded their heads. However, a scientist Vega crossed it and said,” Sorry to interrupt master- even though it works, our main problem is unsolved. Our main plan is not to grow the population but to control the troll. Moreover, things are not as easy as it seems. How can we defeat the Sibetan army master? As the Lega is protected and surveillanced by the King Morso from our neighboring planet Sibeta.”King Morso!” Zirko’s eyes were wide open.

King Zirko thought for a while and called the army commander to ask if they could attack the Sibetian army and free Lega. However, the army commander said, “it is too dangerous and fatal to attack Sibetian Army as they have highly advanced, sophisticated, automated weapons and defense system. It is next to impossible to defeat them, master.”

Vega interrupted the commander and said, “I have an alternative solution, master.” The King allowed him to put forth his idea, and he explained his plan,” Sire, there is an asteroid approaching close to our canopy. If we could hit that asteroid using a mighty missile at the right time over the sky of Sibeta, then we could create an artificial meteor shower over their populated zone. In this way, we can kill and even evacuate the Sibeta and migrate our population there. Our life will likely improve there as the planet Sibeta is hot.” King Zirko took nearly half an hour to think and was allowed to carry out this mission and signaled to keep it highly confidential.

The scientists calculated precisely and discovered that the asteroid would be in the best location for six months, so the best scientists started constructing a mighty missile.

However, at the end of the fourth month, when the asteroid was over the canopy of Ulterno, a vast missile was seen approaching the asteroid. All the scientists were bewildered! They said, “It’s all over. This apocalypse is going to destroy our world. How this happened?” Vega said, “There must be some Sibetian spy amongst us; otherwise, how come our mission became upside down! King said, “Let’s see what happens. Now there is no other option than to pray to god.”

However, to their surprise, the missile soon deviated from its path due to the gravitational force of occult dark matter. And it couldn’t hit the asteroid effectively at its center of mass. As the missile hit the asteroid inefficiently, a feeble meteor shower fell over Ulterno, which couldn’t create an apocalypse as it was thought. All the Ulternians celebrated the joy of happiness. The King announced, “I am thrilled to announce that our planet is as safe as usual. I request all the Ulternians not to worry.

God saved us.”On the verso, Morso was very angry with his scientists.
Vega requested King to activate plan B, a very secret plan between King and Vega. As per Plan B, they spread the plan’s termination message and uncovered the spy. Once the spy was handcuffed, it was secretly taken to the space station nearly in a month. As the asteroid reached over the Sibetan canopy, they targeted it with the missile. As soon as the missile hit the asteroid precisely at the center of mass, it burst into billions of pieces. Consequently, there was an ongoing and destructive meteor shower over a long period.

As per the information, pictures, and videos gathered by their satellite, over sixty percent Sibetians were supposed to be killed, including the King. The remaining alive Sibetians surrender themselves to the Ulternian’s army.

Now the Ulternians left off and shifted permanently to Sibeta where they live happily. The problem of food and reproduction has been solved forever.

Sibeta is pretty and easy to survive, yet, all the Ulternians are badly missing their homely planet Ulterno. During their holidays and vacations, many Ulternians visit their empty birthplace Ulterno, revive their childhood memories, and return to their recent domicile Sibeta.

On the other hand, scientists still wait for the star Lega to explode to collect the debris from synthesizing their clones.

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