The Earth Is Dying of Human Causes, Let’s Save It

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The end is unpredictable. The world has already begun. 

We have passed ages and have finally discovered the best way of living. But humans are blind to realize that our inventions are our living standard and our daily activities shorten human life spans. 

We fail to imagine the acts of own can create a danger for humans. Our small carelessness multiplies the risk of losing our lives. We all have a mentality that we will just live for a century. Why should we preserve our planet but we must broadly think about upcoming generations. 

Our negligence today can create tremendous obstacles for future generations to live on earth. So we should think widely and apply measures to make our planet a healthy place to breathe. 

There is no guarantee of how much the earth can survive. None of us knows how long human beings will be on this planet and we even do not know when the last day of humanity is. 

Who knows, maybe the last day of the earth is coming soon. If thinking those things brings Goosebumps to our body and what will happen if it becomes a reality. A

Awful nightmare! 

We all care about our lives. We do and why can’t we be careful about the lives of others who will lose their lives because of our carelessness. It is time now for us to be a part of the solution, not the destruction. It is too late already. A growth mindset is essential for progressive change because, without modification, progress is impossible. 

As Mother Teresa said, “Only humanity will lead us to unity and unity will lead us to peace.”

Still, if we have not understood what I have been trying to convey to you until now, keep reading, please. 

The world has become so busy that people have no time to think about the degrading environment. 

Why should we? We are just living for hundreds of years and why should we care about future generations. We are not born to live only for ourselves but to live for others, which gives us self-satisfaction and salvation. Difficult to achieve a goal individually but unity can provide us with victory. 

The one who can change this world is not a God, animals and any superpower coming down and saving us and our planet. One hundred fifty thousand people die of Global warming annually and thousands are suffering in the hospital. They are fighting with death for their survival. Millions of species of animals have got extent due to global warming. Can you take responsibility for their death? No right? Imagine what if a family of one hundred fifty thousand people come and nag you and blame “You are the cause of my family’s death.” Fearful night!

I live in the suffocation that I killed One hundred fifty thousand people. All people should think the same, not only me. People should accept the truth of life that we are not born to live alone but live in the mass. The world cannot change entirely only because of some people but by a whole. If we start this change and make three people aware of it, they will each make three people be mindful of it. It keeps multiplying and at last, it becomes 1.6 billion to bring a change. 

We are shortening the life of the earth. The earth can live for 7.5 billion years and can now only live for 7 billion years. It’s not a time to live with luxury but a time to work collaboratively to decrease the risk of people’s lives. Life comes and goes and it will be better if we make it the best. 

If we do more remarkable things today than the next generation, they will also remember us and live forever. Just imagine how happy we will see the earth from heaven. We will again hug each other and sing songs of happiness. 

Our next generation will respect and salute us for our great deed. All animals and creatures on earth will have a smile on their faces. One hundred fifty thousand victims will gradually decrease. 

A diverse mind will create unique and beautiful things on the lap of mother earth. One bee can’t produce honey no matter how long and hard it works, but many bees can make honey in a more considerable amount and in a shorter time. In conclusion, change cannot happen with only an individual but a whole group. It would be best if you were the cause of the difference we want to see in the world.

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Simrika Basnet
Simrika Basnet
2 years ago

Unity in diversity is what we should thrive for, definitely together we can!
Well written Prithvi, very insightful indeed!

2 years ago
Reply to  Simrika Basnet

thank you for your clear vision on the topic your comment was blessing