Lofi’s Day-out, Lofi’s Love Romance

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Lofi was walking with the sound of calm wind blowing on her face. Her kitty cat was looking more fluffy with its fur against the wind.

The trees and leaves made a rustling sound making the avenue springy. It was just an ordinary day with Lofi’s desire that something nice would happen on this jolly sunny day.

She feels dreamy walking around and smiles at a random face that passes by.

She can hear the unwritten song and music with this sweet-strange feeling. She had anticipation about getting into a relationship with someone bold but also handsome at the same time.

Feeling shy, she just likes to stay in her own dreamland, chatting with her own kitty. Her face glows, and her heart beats faster as she spots the same boy she always cherished walking toward her with his friends.

She couldn’t say anything but smile at him, and he just returned a big broad smile at her.

In her inner world, she reaches the place she had never gone before, where she can share anything to everything with him and get lost in his eyes. Only one glance was enough to feel butterflies on her tummy. Her face turns red, and she unconsciously checks herself if she is looking at her best. Even though she is generally a carefree persona, she now wants to get dressed at her best. She hugs her furball and hopes he is as good as her sweetie pet.

This fine weather spoiled her thoughts, and she fell head over heels for this boy.

Yes, his name is Saggie, which sounds like a piece of melodic music to her. Every time she takes his name, she feels high with serotonin in her whole body. But sometimes, she thinks she is just a fool to think like this for a boy, not even knowing if this feeling will ever be reciprocated.

She doesn’t even care that her unrequited affection or infatuation will leave her with pain, grief, and loneliness. She just enjoys her feelings here and now, being aware that these feelings don’t last a lifetime.

All the love songs make her yearn for a glimpse of him, and all the song’s words feel like her life itself. She gathers the courage to share all these emotional breakthroughs with her bestie and calls her on a cellphone. She feels like a balloon in the air with all her heart spoken.

She affirms if her feelings are true, they will be together here or in another realm. She sets the boy off and all along with herself, free in the hands of destiny, risking it on a pure, innocent love as we hear it in the good old days of generation X.

To a certain degree, she is romanced in her thoughts. She thinks she is not courageous enough to confront him. Maybe she is just scared of being rejected and humiliated, so better to let it keep a secret like an iceberg deep inside the ocean. However, it turns out to be tomorrow. Only time will give us the answer, but one thing is for sure– it was her One-fine-day!!

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