Corruption Has Become the Way of Living

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Every creature has the right to live its life with liberty.

Some of the popular freedoms are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to express oneself, freedom of belief, freedom of the press. But I want to add one more to the list and that is ‘freedom of corruption.’

You might wonder why I mentioned ‘freedom of corruption’ on the list and some may show dissatisfaction with this. But, corrupt people think and advocate that corruption is one of their fundamental rights. Don’t you see the same scenario is being seen daily in our society?

The sun never asked for anything. The moon always follows its natural rule. The sand, water, rock and hills don’t ask for anything.

Even the voiceless animals and birds do not ask for anything other than the right to live peacefully. It is only the human being who asks for everything and takes all from nature.

One may seem very unusual who ask for nothing and stay satisfied with what they have within. I am writing this against such behavior and activities.

The worst poverty is emptiness. Everything seems hallow and vacant. Nothing is fulfilled. We cannot separate what to take and what to give. Inner hunger will make people selfish and corrupt. Society is damaged with full of such people. Destruction without smoke and dust is everywhere. Every face looks thirty to drink the sources of anything that is in front of them.

Be aware!! If we are falling into such emptiness.

Corrupt people have smiling faces and are good-looking. They are good at speaking and asking favors. They sometimes feel shy if you talk good about them. They try to maintain a good reputation in the society where they live. Sometimes, they help others and gain the sympathy of people.

We cannot separate them or recognize them very easily because they are large in number and have confident faces with good reputations. We may even question ourselves if we unnecessarily doubt somebody as a corrupt one. Since there are no boundaries and limitations in corruption, it is easy to get lost inside of it.

Corruption can be of different forms and types. It does not require a specific time or place, but only the intention of illegally acquiring a personal benefit is vital for it to happen. Many corruptions can take place single-handedly, whereas some corruptions require a group or the help of others. In group corruption, there is excessive misuse of power and position.

To misuse power and position, again, corruption is happening inside of it. Double corruption and more than double arises if necessary. Their is no stepping back from corruption. There is only way forward.

There are no age restrictions in corruption. There is no separation between males and females. Anybody capable can try it without hesitation. Even the Anti-corruption Agency might be waiting for its turn to corrupt the system. They are spending a massive amount of money on that project. Some of the senior people in the authorities already had the privilege to settle their life. Now, they don’t want any more money for. They are waiting for their daughters’ marriage where they need a big fish to make curry for all of us.

Some people are far from corruption. They hate corruption. They avoid such poison on the nation and want to live with loyalty. They are natural national treasures for sure.

Only the person who wants nothing can give everything for the nation. Such gems are rarely found. They are not kept inside the box from the corrupt ones. They are not given power and position since they don’t want anything. Uncountable vultures surround these honest souls with their hungry stomachs. If you do not eat the dead, the dead will eat you for sure. Those vultures have the number, strength, can fly heights and cry louder. While you are on the other side, starving with a Godly attitude.

If you can avoid corruption, then think that God is inside you. But if you are unable to control, then think Devil is winning.

Once, I had that opportunity to earn a little from corruption. Many years back, when I was President of the student council, I was called in. Since I had the position and power to do the necessary step, I was welcomed well. I was in significant need of money at that time, so I accepted and became a part of Devil’s work without thinking much. I had that same smile, confidence even more with some corrupted money in my pocket.

I was happier for a few days. But, gradually, I disliked myself for that dirty deed. I was against my attitude and behavior. I was poor at that moment but felt rich outside but inside; I was suffering from my doing. I could not forgive myself since I was not too fond of it. I could not tell my friends not to get involved in such activities afterward because I was already a part of it once. I experienced some worst moments at that time once and for all. My heart keeps telling me, “You may lie to others, but you certainly cannot lie to yourself.”

Corruption is a disease. We must cure it when we know it. It spreads like cancer in the body. If we keep delaying curing the disease, it will damage our organs and brain. It is better to stay poor than to stay corrupt. It is better to realize the damage and destruction it creates to our physical, mental, and spiritual wealth on time.

If it is late, it will be incurable. We must cut the root of disease when it’s not too late. It is not necessary to follow others in the name of earning to do whatever is against the rule of nature.

The most dangerous corruption is the corruption of humanity. It has spread worldwide in religion, caste, ethnicity, gender, age, status and many more. From a simple employee to a Prime Minister, everybody is corrupt. Nobody wants to get out of it until they get caught. When they are freed, they are back to their exact business.

I wonder if there is anything worse than corruption? Something that gives you something but takes everything, something that separates from person to person, something that creates competition among corrupts, something that makes poor even poorer, something that kills the nation’s soul.

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