Colonization of a Mysterious Planet

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Three eminent astronauts, Abin, Prabin, and Nischal, were in a spaceship controlled by three crew members with Joseph as a mission commander. It was nearly five years since they left off Earth and killed about seven astronomical unit distance in this vast, immense universe. They were on a mission to find a planet that could be a home for people on Earth.

Suddenly they heard the voice of Joseph screaming, “Guys, come up! It shows some bright yellow objects in our vicinity.” Then the astronauts rushed towards Joseph and saw the screen showing a celestial object.

Abin said happily, “It looks like a planet.” Pradip nodded his head and supported Abin’s claim.

Michael said it is sure to be a planet. Joseph measured the distance of the mysterious object to be two Astronomical units off and said, “It is likely to take over eighteen months to reach there. Are you ready for this voyage, guys?” The astronauts said in a chorus, “Yes, we are ready. We are ready to sacrifice our lives in the journey through space.”

They were rushing towards the mysterious planet happily. They were submerged in the beauty of the immense universe and the bizarre celestial objects. Suddenly a manufactured-like thing seemed to be floating in space, giving off smoke from its tail.

“What might it be?” Pradip questioned.
“Let me focus my telescope right there,” Joseph answered; he focused the telescope and zoomed over there, it was visible on the screen, and they found that it was a damaged spaceship.

“Because of some fault or accident, it is likely to be floating over there, “Abin surmised.

Michael was a soft-hearted person and became fidgeted and said, “The astronauts may be alive inside the spaceship, and they may be from Earth also. Can’t we help them ?”
Joseph said, “It is not on the way of our route. Our destined planet is an indifferent route, so it would be dangerous for us to change our coordinates. The route may be long, and it may engulf more fuel, and fuel may be emptied out.”

Pradip added, “Anyway, we all are here sacrificing our life, so it doesn’t matter even if we die helping them, isn’t it, guys?” So, everybody agreed with the statement of Pradip and decided to change the coordinates towards the wreckage.

The mishap zone itself was farther away than it was thought. It took nearly three days to get there.

Abin, Pradip, and Nischal put on a fireproof apron and jumped off their spaceship to help the alien astronaut, if any, inside the wreckage. They jumped off their spaceship with the help of a rigid rope tied around their waist, moving three hundred and sixty degrees of the floating spaceship. They managed an entrance to the spacecraft to help any creature if alive.

As they glanced from a small hole, they saw that three gigantic aliens were taking some other aliens hostage and were threatening to kill them. They soon understand that this spaceship was used to abduct aliens in extraterrestrial space. Indeed, this spaceship was engaged in confining aliens in space.

To rescue the aliens, they used bombs outside the spaceship. First of all, they exploded low-powered bombs outside the spacecraft. Hearing the sound and vibrations, the kidnappers move here and there to identify what’s happening around them before they sense that Pradip gets inside the spaceship. In contrast, Abin and Nischal attacked the kidnappers and kicked them off the spacecraft, so they fell into an abyss like a stone.

Finally, they successfully rescued five aliens. The aliens were from the planet Voxima and were kidnapped from their voyage in space.

“Some of our friends even died in the mishap,” an alien said poignantly.

The rescued aliens blessed them and asked their reason for traveling through space. Abin said, “We are searching for a planet for colonization as we are on a mission to migrate peoples from Earth to that planet. We have seen a yellow planet somewhere in the vicinity and were heading there.”

Aliens said, “Though you are heading there, it is a planet with a dangerous type of predatory and mighty and gigantic alien animals, don’t go there.
Instead, I have a far better idea.”

“What is it?” Abin asked.

“Why don’t you join us on our planet? It is beautiful and peaceful. This planet is meant for cooperative people like you guys. If you migrate your people to our planet, we will be delighted and live in harmony.

What do you say, guys?” “Is it possible?”Michael replied.

“Why not?” Alien said. Three astronauts, Abin, Nischal, and Pradip, breathed a sigh of relief and laughed with cheers. They said, “How easily our problem is solved.”

Pradip said to Abin,” It is true that a selfless deed doesn’t go in vain instead, it always pays us back, right?”

Abin said, “Yes, that’s true, Pradip.” Now our three astronauts stayed in Voxima and contacted their people on Earth to start migrating people from Earth to Voxima.

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