A Kidnapping from the Lunar Surface

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Suddenly the land where we stood started shivering as if a micro-quake had occurred. We saw three hundred and sixty degrees around and found that a massive object was landing.

It was nearly a month. I, David and Peter were on the lunar surface and were performing our experimental project on the soil, land, and atmosphere of the lunar surface. Our particular focus was on bizarre alien objects on the lunar surface and the possibility of water there. We were living in an empty world void of crowds, quarrels, noise, pollution and sound. We were submerged in the beauty of our only satellite, the Moon.

We didn’t hear the sound of the spaceship but just felt the vibration it made when it struck land. Abruptly, a three-wheeler rover with five strange passengers came out of the spacecraft and started moving towards us and they approached us before we could understand anything. The creatures were bizarre and they could stay alive without breathing. They had naked noses without any aid to breathe in the lunar vacuum. We did nothing but see their peculiar structure.

Three of them came down the rover with strange weapons and aimed at us. They forcefully kept us inside the rover and took us back to their spaceship. At that very moment, we realized that we had been abducted.
We screamed but all in vain. Even god couldn’t hear our scream, as sound can’t travel through lunar space. They pushed us in their spaceship and the spaceship moved off the lunar surface very quickly as the escape velocity was very low.

David asked the kidnapper, “Who are you? Why are you doing all this ?” That guy replied, “We are from a planet named Nexo-88 beyond this solar system. Our King has ordered us to capture you as you are hampering us in our program of Lunar colonization.”

They were taking us to an unknown place in the vast universe. The spaceship was moving very swiftly. On the way, we see massive stars, bizarre galaxies, asteroids, supernova explosions outside, etc. The kidnapper aliens were looking happy.

Suddenly strong turbulence blew over our spacecraft, forcing it to move elsewhere from its predefined path. The aliens tried to control the spaceship. However, the turbulence was so powerful that it changed the route. One of the aliens said,” It is no more in my control. I think we are moving towards an abyss.”

Meanwhile, the spaceship hit an asteroid with a thud and got damaged. And it started falling after some time. The spacecraft is moving down at high speed. The alien said, “A Planet Texo-21 is swallowing us. This is a planet of high gravity.”

At the very time, the aliens were terrified of this incident. We three decided to fly off, taking advantage of this situation. We said, “The spaceship is going to blaze. Let’s jump off a parachute; otherwise, we will all die.”

Immediately the aliens Jumped off the spaceship with the parachute leaving us behind in the spacecraft. However, we immediately got information that there has no atmosphere in Texo-21. We see that they fell swiftly down just like a stone as the parachute didn’t work and we prayed to god so their soul would stay in heaven.

Now, David fixed the spaceship a bit and pioneered it towards the right track. He abruptly contacted our base station on Earth and asked,”Is there some safe planet in our vicinity?”We got the coordinates of a planet called Noma-32 and headed there. After five days, we landed there safely.

The planet was as green as Earth. There were forests, rivers, ponds, and oxygen in the atmosphere. We felt this Noma-32 was our homely planet and contacted to Earth being happy. We sent the coordinates of this planet to Earth. We got a reply that our friends from Earth would come to fetch us as soon as possible. We became delighted internally. However, the distance was so vast that it took nearly six months to reach us.
We were enjoying in Noma-32 and it was nearly a month we were there. We have become accustomed to this planet’s weather, atmosphere and thermal condition. We were gathering food from forests and we didn’t feel any discomfort.

After the end of the seventh month, we saw that a vast spaceship landed far off with a huge thud and light. Initially, we became thrilled, thinking they were our friends. As we observed it, we witnessed that nearly ten bizarre alien types of creatures with sophisticated weapons came out of the spaceship and started searching here and there, being angry.

“Who are they? What are they searching for here?” David threw this question to us. First, we surmise that they are the Nomian returning home from somewhere else. But as they approached us, a loud scream was heard saying, “Where are you, rascals? We won’t spare you? We are here to take revenge on our brothers?”

Suddenly we realized that they were the brothers of the kidnappers from Nexo-88 and they were here in our search so that they could kill us as a revenge of their slain brothers. We have located your rascals through our tracking system hidden in the spacecraft.

“Oh, what a blunder! We should break the tracking system that was in the spacecraft .” David said, putting his hand on his head. We were terrified and hid deep in the forest as they approached the spacecraft. We kept hiding in the woods and saw that they reached the spacecraft, searched everywhere, and started moving in the forest.

Meanwhile, our spacecraft from Earth seemed over the zenith and as it approached us, the Nexians started attacking the spaceship with their highly sophisticated weapons. However, their attack was all in vain because of the substantial gravity of Noma-32. The bullets can’t go far up. In contrast, our friends’ attack was effective as the shots came swiftly down.

Over two hours, there was an open fire from the Nexians, and our friends were also firing with the automated weapons connected to the spaceship.
Suddenly it started raining and to our surprise, we saw that the Nexians begun moving toward the shelter inside their spacecraft. They signaled among themselves with their code languages and moved toward their spaceship. We noticed that they were scared of water. When they ran inside the spacecraft, we saw that their skin started burning as the water touched their body. They seemed very scared of water and oxygen.
The rain started getting heavier and heavier and taking advantage of this situation, we got into our spaceship and set our journey back to the Earth. When we saw back, we noticed that even their spaceship was suffering from rain and they couldn’t chase us.

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